The Washington National Cathedral is located in Washington, D.C.

Darth Vader Edit

Washington National Cathedral

In the 1980s, National Geographic held a contest for kids to determine what sculptures would be added to the nearly-finished building. Darth Vader was chosen as the third-place winner, and the resulting grotesque was carved of limestone. The head is located on the northwest tower, though it needs to be seen with binoculars.

To view:

  • Bring binoculars—Darth Vader is difficult to spot with the naked eye.
  • Exit the Cathedral through the ramp door (near the Abraham Lincoln statue).
  • Turn and look up at the closest tower; find the two large points (pinnacles), on the corners at the top of the tower, and a much smaller one in the center.
  • Follow the center pinnacle down and find the first tiny peaked roof (gablet). Darth Vader is the “bump” on the right side of the roof.

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