Adventure is a game where the player must search around a kingdom for the enchanted chalice and bring it back to the gold castle while dealing with dragons and using various objects to their advantage to aid them during their quest.

Programmer creditEdit

The programmer's name is hidden in this game.

What to doEdit

This trick can only be performed on games two and three.

In the Red Dungeon of the Black Castle, the player must take the Bridge to the area that blinks, even though they only have one object with them (usually an area will blink if there are two objects nearby). They must position the Bridge to access an area near the bottom, slightly right of center area of the screen. They must then go to the bottom right to pick up a dot.

They must then take out the dot and drop it in the area above the Catacombs. They then need to get and drop two objects to be able to pass through the wall to see the programmer credit.

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